06. tbl. 109. árg. 2023

Spontaneous retroperitoneal hemorrhage

Sjúkratilfelli - Skyndileg aftanskinublæðing

Jón Bjarnason1,2

Luis Fernando Bazan Asencios1

Hjalti Már Þórisson1

Kristbjörn I. Reynisson1

1Department of Interventional Radiology, Landspitali National University Hospital, 2Department of Radiology, Landspitali National University Hospital.

Correspondence: Jón Bjarnason, jonbjarnason92@gmail.com

Key words: pseudoaneurysm, retroperitoneal hemorrhage, embolization, onyx.

A 50-year old male presented to our emergency department with sudden abdominal pain. Upon arrival he was diaphoretic, pale and tachycardic. A CT showed retroperitoneal hemorrhage with suspected tumor at the left adrenal gland. He was quickly stabilized with intravenous fluids and blood transfusion. Rebleed occurs roughly a week after discharge and a new CT showed a visceral pseudoaneurysm from the left middle adrenal artery. The pseudoaneurysm was embolized and the patient discharged in good condition. Follow-up MRI depicted reabsorption of the hematoma and no adrenal tumor. Thus, the etiology of the previous retroperitonal hemorrhage is considered spontaneous.


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