7-8. tbl. 107. árg. 2021

Delirium and fever – a rare but dangerous cause - Case report

Óráð og hiti – sjaldgæf en hættuleg orsök. Sjúkratilfelli

Jón Magnús Jóhannesson1

Hrönn Harðardóttir2

Bjarni Guðmundsson3

Gunnar Guðmundsson2,4

1Landspitali University Hospital, Division of Internal Medicine, 2Landspitali University Hospital, Department of Respiratory Medicine and Sleep, 3Landspitali University Hospital, Neurology Ward, 4University of Iceland, Faculty of Medicine.

Correspondence: Jón Magnús Jóhannesson, jmj1992@hotmail.com

Key words: Fever, Delirium, Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, Drug-related adverse event.

Fever complicated by delirium is a common problem in emergency departments and inpatient wards. There are various possible causes that must all be contemplated. Infections are prominent causes due to acuteness and severity, but when generating a differential diagnosis, other causes may be life-threatening and require swift diagnosis and management. We present here a case of a 58 year old man presenting at the emergency department with fever and delirium. After comprehensive history-taking and examination, alongside targeted testing, the correct diagnosis was ascertained, leading to appropriate treatment.

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