09. tbl. 101. árg. 2015

Skin eruption and itching after travel to Asia - a case report

Útbrot og kláði eftir Asíuferð - sjúkratilfelli

One of the more common reasons patients seek medical advice after traveling in tropical countries are skin eruptions. Here we describe two cases of individuals who, after traveling to south east Asia, developed a skin eruption later diagnosed as cutaneous larva migrans. This particular skin condition is common among travelers to countries where the hookworm responsible is endemic. The diagnosis is based on travel history and clinical examination. The patients were treated with albendazole with good results and complete resolution of the symptoms.

Figure 1. Skin eruption on the inner thigh, linear „creeping eruption.“

Figure 2. Red and linear skin eruption appearingten days after the first symptom.

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