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Outcome of surgical treatment for Pancoast lung carcinoma in Iceland

Árangur skurðmeðferðar við Pancoast-lungnakrabbameini á Íslandi

Objective: Pancoast tumors are lung carcinomas that invade the apical chest wall and surrounding structures. Treatment is complex and often involves surgery together with radio- and chemotherapy. We studied the outcome of surgical resection for Pancoast tumors in Iceland.

Materials and Methods: A retrospective study including all patients that underwent resection of a Pancoast tumor with curative intent in Iceland in the years 1991-2010. Data on symptoms, complications, TNM-stage, relapse and survival were analyzed.

Results: Twelve patients were operated on; 7 on the right lung. Shoulder pain (n=5) and/or chest pain (n=3), cough (n=6) and weight loss (n=5) were the most common presenting symptoms. Adenocarcinoma (n=5) and squamous cell carcinoma (n=4) were the most frequent histological types. Average tumor size was 5,9 cm (range: 2,8-15). Five cases were stage IIB and 7 stage IIIA according to operative staging. In 10 cases (83%) the surgical margins were free of tumor. All patients survived surgery and only one patient suffered a major operative complication, an intraoperative bleeding. In one case induction chemo-radiation prior to surgery was administrated, and 8 patients received postoperative radiotherapy. Recurrent disease was diagnosed in 9 patients; four had local or regional recurrence, four had distant metastases and one patient was diagnosed with both local and distant recurrences simultaneously. Survival at 5 years was 33% and median survival was 27,5 months (range: 4-181).

Conclusions: Operative and short-term outcomes for patients with Pancoast tumors in Iceland are excellent. However, long-term outcomes are not as favorable and recurrence rate is high compared to other studies, possibly due to incomplete preoperative staging and less use of chemo-radiation therapy prior to surgery among these patients.

Figure 1. Histology of 12 patients that underwent resection for a Pancoast carcinoma in Iceland between 1991 and 2010.

Table 1. Overview of all patients that underwent curative resection for a Pancoast carcinoma in Iceland in the years 1991-2010.

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