06. tbl. 102. árg. 2016

Women´s preferences for prenatal tests A discrete choice experiment to contrast noninvasive prenatal testing with current invasive tests

Viðhorf barnshafandi kvenna og heilbrigðisstarfsmanna til fósturskimunar í móðurblóði

Sigrún Ingvarsdóttir: Women´s Clinic, Landspitali University Hospital
Helga Gottfreðsdóttir:  Faculty of Nursing, Department of Midwifery, University of Iceland,
Vigdís Stefánsdóttir: Genetic counseling, Landspitali University Hospital

Introduction: Prenatal screening in early pregnancy is offered to all women in Iceland. In the case of an increased risk, invasive diagnostic test with 1% risk of fetal loss is offered. Recent developments include an exploration of  a cell free fetal DNA in maternal plasma. The aim of this study was to explore factors that are of importance to pregnant women and professionals in fetal diagnosis.

Material and methods: A questionnaire incorporating a discrete choice experimental design was used. The population included all pregnant women attending antenatal care in the capital area from June to November 2014 and all health professionals provide prenatal care in Iceland. We included all health professionals who provide prenatal care and a convenience sample of 300 pregnant women attending primary health clinics, who were more than 20 weeks pregnant, had declined screening or had low risk result.

Results: Overall pregnant women and professionals prefer a test which is accurate and safe, performed early in pregnancy and provides thorough information. In comparison with the health professionals, who responded to the questionnaire (20,8%, 61/293), the pregnant women placed greater emphasis on test safety and comprehensive information but less on accuracy and early testing.

Conclusion: Similar results can be found in other studies but it is of importance to gain knowledge of pregnant women´s and professionals views before a new method in screening contexts is implimented in Iceland. Good counseling is of importance to ensure that women understand all aspects of the technique which increases informed choices.

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