04. tbl. 102. árg. 2016

Superior canal dehiscence - Case report

Rof á efri bogagöngum – sjúkratilfelli

Superior canal dehiscence is a rare syndrome. The symptoms consist of hearing loss, dizziness and autophonia. The patient can be cured with surgery. A 28 year old woman went to several doctors for several months  due to diminished hearing, dizziness and autophonia. The symptoms got worse. A work-up led to the diagnosis of superior canal dehiscence in the left ear. She underwent surgery and her symptoms improved. A latency in  diagnosis is expected as the syndrome is rare. It's important to think of superior canal dehiscence when patients complain of these symptoms.

Figure 1. Hearing test showed good hearing bilaterally. The light blue line shows exceptionally good bone conduction in the left ear.

Figure 2. High resolution CT shows the dehiscence in the superior canal. The arrows point at the dehiscence.

Figure 3. Picture from the operation that shows the dehiscence in the bone. The arrow points at an eruption in to the superior canal. The eruption was about 6 mm length.

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