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Acute bronchiolitis: Diagnosis and management

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Acute bronchiolitis is a viral infection of the lower respiratory tract. The infection is frequent among young children and is most commonly caused by the Respiratory Syncytal Virus. The infection causes inflammation and narrowing of the bronchioles which leads to obstructive breathing and respiratory difficulties. The diagnosis is primarily made by clinical examination; laboratory and radiological studies are of little value. Treatment is principally supportive and symptomatic. The prognosis is generally excellent and the majority of patients recover without sequelae. The aim of this article is to review the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of acute bronchiolitis according to current evidence. The epidemiology, pathophysiology and prognosis will also be discussed.

10 months old boy with RSV-bronchiolitis.

Oladottir YR, Kristjansson S, Clausen M.

Acute bronchiolitis: Diagnosis and management

Icel Med J 2011; 97: 151-7

Correspondence: Michael Clausen, mc@landspitali.is

Key words: acute bronchiolitis, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment.

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