11. tbl. 104. árg. 2018

Lipomas are slow-growing, benign soft tissue tumors that are typically asymptomatic. We describe the case of a 52 year old female, severely overweight who presented with an 8 month history of slowly progressive large lower abdomi­nal mass. Clinical workup gave an indication of a subcutaneous lipoma. The patient underwent open surgery where the mass was removed. Pathology results revealed a lipoma without malignancy. Lipomas only require treatment when they are symptomatic or to rule out malig­nancy. Giant lipomas are defined as a lesion that are over 10 cm in length or weigh more than 1000 grams.

Figure 1.  Pedunculated large lower abdominal mass.

Figure 2. Post surgery, U-shaped surgical wound from groins to greater labia.

Figure 3. Cut section of the specimen shows yellow fat with white fibrous bands.

Figure 4. Microscopic section that shows mature adipose tissue and fibrous tissue (H&E, x40).

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