07/08. tbl. 106. árg. 2020

Inflammatory fibroid polyp in the jejunum - case report

Trefjabólgusepi í smágirni - Sjúkratilfelli

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Inflammatory fibroid polyps (IFP) are rare type of benign tumours found in the gastrointestinal tract. IFP´s are in most cases small in size and without symptoms but can cause intussuception and haemorrhage. We present a case of a 25 year old female who presented with abdominal pain and symptoms and signs of anemia, hemoglobin was 36 g/L upon arrival. Further workup revealed a large tumor in the small intestine. The patient underwent a partial resection of the proximal jejunum. Pathology of the specimen showed inflammatory fibroid polyp.

1Department Surgery, Landspitali, 2Department Gastroenterology, Akureyri hospital, 3Department of Pathology, Landspitali,4Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland.

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