02. tbl. 96. árg. 2010

Case report: Facial skin metastasis from rectal adenocarcinoma

Sjúkratilfelli: meinvarp frá endaþarmskrabbameini í andliti

This case report describes an 82 year old male who sought medical attention for changes in bowel habits. Colonoscopy revealed a tumor located 10 to 15cm from the anus. Biopsy showed signetring cell adenocarcinoma. The tumor was not resected due peritoneal dissemination and a tumor invasion into the urinary bladder, found intraoperatively. During hospital stay a skin lesion of the face was removed at the request of the patient. Biopsy showed metastatic signetring adenocarcinoma. Colorectal metastatic lesions to the skin are rare findings, especially metastasis to the face. Skin examination in patients with suspected or known malignancies is an important part of the clinical examination.

Figure 1.
Metastatic colorectal signet ring carcinoma to skin of face, center and lower left. Ulceration of skin upper right (H&E, intermediate high power).

Figure 2.
Infiltrating signet ring carcinoma at the junctional area of the skin (H&E, high power).

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