06. tbl. 91. árg. 2005


Postgraduate Medical Education in Iceland; medical students' and residents' perception

Afstaða unglækna og læknanema til sérfræðináms á Íslandi

Læknablaðið 2005; 91: 511-4

Background: Various parties have expressed interest in establishing formal postgraduate medical education programs. The interest of residents and medical students to such programs in Iceland has not been evaluated before.

Methods: A questionnaire was sent to 146 interns and residents and 84 senior medical students. The following variables were analyzed: Gender, attitude towards postgraduate training in Iceland, interest to participate in such training, preferred speciality and which factors might influence their decision.

Results: 100 subjects completed the questionnaire (response rate 45%), 61 interns and residents and 39 medical students. Of those completing the questionnaire, most interns and residents (97%) and medical students (87%) agreed or agreed strongly with the concept of postgraduate training in Iceland. The majority of responders wanted to undergo part of their postgraduate training in Iceland if this option would be available. Those who preferred postgraduate training in Iceland did so for the following reasons: The importance of "hands-on" training, availability of consultants, favorable social setting and organized teaching. Those who wanted to do all their postgraduate training abroad rated case variability, "hands-on" training, organized teaching and research opportunities as the main factors influencing their decision.

Conclusions: Interns, residents and medical students are in favor of undergoing part of their postgraduate training in Iceland. Those who chose to train abroad rated case variability and research opportunities higher than those in favor of training in Iceland.

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