03. tbl. 99. árg. 2013

Health policy interventions: The pathway to public health

Stefnumörkun í heilbrigðismálum: leiðin til lýðheilsu

Chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are currently the main cause of premature death and disability in the world. Most of these NCDs are due to unhealthy lifestyle choices i.e. tobacco, unhealthy diet, lack of physical exercise and alcohol consumption. Studies have shown that health policy interventions aiming at improving diet and physical activity and reducing tobacco consumption are inexpensive, effective and cost saving.

In this paper we address the political health policy interventions that have been shown to improve public health. We discuss some of the theories of behavioral economics which explain the processes involved in our every-day choices regarding lifestyle and diet.

Andersen K1, Gudnason V2

1Cardiovascular Research Center Landspítali University Hospital Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland IS-101 Reykjavík, Iceland. 2Icelandic Heart Association Reseach Institute Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland IS-200 Kópavogur, Iceland

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