07/08. tbl 92. árg. 2006

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Medical activity at the monastery at Skriðuklaustur. Results of arceological excavation?

Lækningar í Ágústínusarklaustrinu á Skriðu

Læknablaðið 542-5?

Archaeological excavation of the ruins at Skriðuklaustur monastery has been underway for nearly six years, including continuous work carried out since the summer of 2002. This work has yielded important data on the building and operation of the cloister that was active there during the middle ages in Iceland. The monastic building at Skriðuklaustur consisted of a cloister of houses, a church and a chapel, located around a garden with a well in the center, in accordance with the Catholic Church?s prescription on establishments of cloisters. Despite its short tenure, the Skriðuklaustur monastery acquired a large amount of land, and its library was comparable to that of other Icelandic cloisters. It is known that both a hospice and a children?s school was operated there. In the article the progress of the excavation will be described and the results of it reviewed. ?

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