07/08. tbl. 91.árg. 2005


Farmer's lung disease caused by straw or hay?Case report

Hálmsótt eða heysótt?

Læknablaðið 2005; 91: 587-9

A young woman was admitted to Akranes Regional Hospital because of dyspnea, fatigue and fever. She was found to have bilateral pneumonia but etiology was not found. She was treated with antibiotics with good resolution and was discharged after eight days from the hospital. Four weeks later she noticed rapidly progressive dyspnea and was found to be hypoxemic, and to have restrictive spirometry and diffuse interstitial changes on chest radiography. Computerized tomography of the lungs showed diffuse ground glass changes. Transbronchial biopsies from the lungs showed numerous small granulomas. She was treated with prednisolon for a short time with excellent recovery. She stall-fed horses and underneath them was straw containing organic dust. This is important to keep in mind as a differential diagnosis to farmers lung disease that is caused by hay.

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