Fylgirit 51 - háls- nef og eyrnaþing

Dear colleagues and guests

Dear colleagues and guests

On behalf of the Icelandic Ear-Nose and Throat Association, we sincerely welcome you to the XXIX Congress of the Nordic Association of Otolaryngology.

It was fifteen years ago, we last held this conference in Iceland and are certain it is still fresh in the memory of us who attended. Fifteen years is a long time when looking into the future, but looking back, it seems like only yesterday that we assembled together at that time.

What do we hope to gain from a conference like this?

Above all else, we hope to gain new knowledge and insight, to feel the current heartbeat of our field of work and share with each other our discoveries and expertise. This, we do in a formal way, but equally it is important to exchange thoughts, opinions and listen for methods, as we strengthen the collaboration in research, education and the treatment of our patients. We must not forget the importance of reuniting with old friends, exchanging news and enjoying each others company at the dinner table. Last but not least, many participants use the opportunity to travel, to get to know the countryside a little better and meet the people of the nation.

In all this, the desire and the atmosphere of acquiring more knowledge will surround us. Half-life of knowledge is short these days and much of what was perceived to be truth in 1990 may now be considered old science and obsolete. Therefore, it is important to approach new available information with an open mind, evaluate it for ourselves and then choose from the smorgasbord of knowledge being offered us, those things we judge to benefit our patients the most.

The program of the conference is very diverse, the basis thereof being the work of science, executed in the Nordic countries. We are also privileged to have amongst us other great guests, who will present to us the latest development in otolaryngology outside of Scandinavia.

It is our heartfelt wish that this conference will be both informative and pleasant for you, whilst you enjoy the best of what our country has to offer.

The Organizing Committee: Sigurður Júlíusson, Hannes Petersen, Ingibjörg Hinriksdóttir and Þórir Bergmundsson.

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