12. tbl. 95. árg. 2009


Occupational accidents in Icelandic farmers. 
Risk factor analysis using questionnaire

Vinnuslys íslenskra bænda. Mat á áhættuþáttum með spurningalista

Background: There is limited information on occupational injuries among Icelandic farmers. It has been suggested that they are common. This is thought to be in part because of the unique work environment of farmers.The aims of the study were to study occupational accidents among farmers and their effects on absence from work, doctor visits and well-being.

Methods: A cross sectional study of all animal farmers in Iceland operating running a farm of more than 100 animal (sheep) units. A total of 2042 farmers were sent a detailed questionnaire concerning general health symptoms, occupational injuries and doctor visits (response rate 54%). 

Results: Occupational accidents were common among middle aged and older farmes and lead often to prolonged absence from work. Livestock was most common cause of the accidents, while the association with using alcohol while working was clear. Those involved in occupational accidents more commonly visited a doctor for musculoskeletal symptoms and pain. They also estimated physical and mental well-being worse and had more psychiatric symptoms.

Conclusions: Occupational accidents were common among farmers and lead to prolonged absence from work. They lead to more doctor visits and and worse wellbeing. These results can be used to reinforce health care and preventive measures against occupational accidents among farmers.

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