02. tbl. 95. árg. 2009


Case report - Crossed Aphasia

Hægra heilahvels málstol - Sjúkratilfelli

A case study of crossed aphasia is presented. A 60-year-old right-handed individual suffered stroke in the right hemisphere leaving him with Broca´s aphasia and severe verbal apraxia. A CT scan 3 days after hospitalization showed a new frontotemporal infarct in the right hemisphere, insula and frontal portion of the superior and middle temporal gyrus. MRI 2 weeks later showed more diverse changes involving the parietal lobe. In addition to the Broca´s aphasia and verbal apraxia AA had prosodic difficulties involving intonation, stress and conversational vocal variations. Interesting phonological problems were also present, such as total loss of so-called preaspiration, a characteristic of the Icelandic phonological system. In 70% of crossed aphasia cases the symptoms are similar to those of aphasia in the left hemisphere but AA clearly does not fall into that group.

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