Scientific programme - doctors

Scientific programme - doctors

27th Congress of the Scandinavian

Association of Urology

June 10th-13th, 2009

Scientific program - Doctors


Wednesday, June 10th 2009


08:30-12:00                COURSE I Best practice in lower urinary tract dysfunction

Hall A


08:30-08:40                Introduction: Ilkka Perttilä, Finland

08:40-09:35                LUTS secondary to benign prostatic enlargement

                                Chair: Guðmundur Geirsson, Iceland

08:40-09:05                Assessment: Lars Malmberg, Sweden

09:05-09:35                Treatment and follow up: Poul Chr Frimodt-Møller, Denmark

09:35-11:00                Neurogenic LUTD after spinal cord lesion

                                Chair: Jens Sönksen, Denmark

09:35-10:00                Understanding the neurogenic bladder ? Assessment of bladder function after spinal cord injury and continued monitoring
                                of urinary tract function:
Elisabeth Farrelly, Sweden


10:00-10:30                Coffee break


10:30-11:00                Surgical treatments in neurogenic bladder: Hans Jørgen Kirkeby, Denmark

11:00-11:50                Stress urinary incontinence after prostate surgery

                                Chair: Per Espen Låhne, Norway

11:00-11:25                Assessment: Trygve Talseth, Norway

11:25-11:50                Treatment and follow up: Ossi Lindell, Finland

11:50-12:00                Concluding remarks: Ilkka Perttilä, Finland


12:00-13:00                Lunch



08:30-12:00                COURSE II Laparoscopic urology

Hall B


08:30-08:35                Introduction: Peter Elfving, Sweden

08:35-09:30                Advanced urologic laparoscopy 

                                Chair: Nicolai Wessel, Denmark

                                - Laparoscopic prostatectomy - The learning curve: Christopher Eden, UK

                                - Laparoscopic prostatectomy - The technique: Michael Häggman, Sweden

                                - Laparoscopic vs. Robotic assisted prostatectomy: Thomas Jiborn, Sweden

                                - Robotassisted cystectomy - The technique: Magnus Annerstedt, Denmark

                                - Panel discussion


09:30-10:00                Basic urologic laparoscopy

                                Chair: Harry Nisén, Finland

                                    - Suitable procedures to start with: Peter Elfving, Sweden

                                    - Tips and tricks - Panel


10:00-10:30                Coffee break


10:30-11:15                The laparoscopic headache

                                Chair: Christopher Eden, UK

                                    - Complications - The chamber of horrors: Mark Sullivan, UK

                                    - Monitoring of outcome: Henning Olsen, Denmark

                                    - Panel discussion


11:15-12:00                    - Education - Experience from MIUC/Denmark: Lars Lund, Denmark

                                    - NUF-lap - an option? Nordic cooperation: Peter Elfving, Sweden

                                    - Panel discussion


12:00-13:00                Lunch


13:00-17:20                COURSE III Kidney cancer, new concepts in management

Hall A

                                Chair: Börje Ljungberg, Sweden

13:00-13:10                Overview of renal cell carcinoma: Börje Ljungberg, Sweden

13:10-13:25                Staging and prognosis in renal cell carcinoma: Tómas Guðbjartsson, Iceland

13:25-14:30                Small primary renal tumours

13:25-13:40                Small renal cell carcinoma. - Innocent tumours?: Stina Erikson; Sweden

13:40-13:55                Open surgery of small renal cell carcinoma: Mirja Ruutu, Finland

13:55-14:10                Laparoscopic nephron sparing surgery: Nicolai Wessel, Norway

14:10-14:20                Radio frequency ablation: David Lyrdal, Sweden

14:20-14:30                Cryoablative therapy: Lars Lund, Denmark


14:30-15:00                Coffee break


15:00-16:05                Large renal cell carcinomas

15:00-15:20                Surgical strategy of open nephrectomy - large renal cell carcinoma: Einar Brekkan, Iceland/Sweden

15:20-15:35                Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy: Peter Elfving, Sweden

15:35-15:45                Hand-assisted laparoscopic kidney surgery: Harry Nisén, Finland

15:45-16:05                Discussion

16:05-17:20                Advanced and metastatic renal cell carcinoma

16:05-16:15                Cytoreductive nephrectomy and metastasectomy: Sven Lundstam, Sweden

16:15-16:25                Adjuvant therapy for advanced renal cell carcinoma: Georg Bjarnason, Iceland/Canada

16:25-16:40                Advances in systemic therapy for renal cell carcinoma. What?s in there for the urologist?: Ásgerdur Sverrisdóttir, Iceland

16:40-17:20                Case presentations and discussion - Panel


13:00-17:00                COURSE IV Genital reconstructive surgery

Hall B

                                Chair: Wiking Månsson, Sweden

13:00-13:45                Hypospadia and the hypospadia cripple: Aivar Bracka, UK

13:45-14:15                Modern treatment of bladder extrophy, the genital challenge: Göran Läckgren, Sweden

14:15-14:45                Peyronies disease, treatment options. - Methods and outcome: Trygve Talseth, Norway


14:30-15:00                Coffee break


                                Chair: Eiríkur Jónsson, Iceland

15:00-15:45                Priapism - A urological challenge: Olof Jonsson, Sweden

15:45-16:30                Erectile dysfunction. - Surgical treatment: Duncan J Summerton, UK

16:30-17:00                Penile cancer, preservation and reconstruction: Aivar Bracka, UK



Thursday, June 11th 2009


Hall A&B

08:30-09:00                Opening of the congress

                                   - Guðjón Haraldsson, President NUF 2009

                                   - Sigurður Guðmundsson, Dean of the School of Health Sciences of the University of Iceland


09:00-14:10                State of the art lectures

                                Chair: Guðmundur Geirsson, Iceland

09:00-09:30                Genealogy and GU cancer: Kári Stefánsson, Iceland

09:30-10:00                Genetic markers for prostate. - Clinical implication: Ola Bratt, Sweden


10:00-10:30                Coffee break and poster viewing


10:30-11:00                Prostate cancer. - Screening, overview: Gunnar Aus, Sweden

11:00-11:30                Prostate cancer. - Non-surgical approach, watchful waiting/diet: Antti Rannikko, Finland

11:30-12:00                Prostate cancer. - Radical treatment: Knud Pedersen, Denmark


12:00-13:30                Lunch and poster viewing


Hall H&I:                   Photocure lunch symposium

Hall D:                      Presidium meeting


13:30-13:50                Chronic pelvic pain in men, clinical update: Hans Hedilin, Sweden

13:50-14:10                Chronic pelvic pain in women, clinical update: Ýr Logadóttir, Iceland/Sweden


14:10-16:34                SESSION I - Free papers 5+3 min

                                Chair: Rafn Hilmarsson, Iceland/Sweden, and Ola Bratt, Sweden


14:10        01             Initial management of prostate cancer: First year experience of extended registration within the Norwegian
                                National Prostate Cancer Registry (NoPCR)

                                E Hernes, E Hem, A Kyrdalen, R Kvåle, O Klepp, K Axcrona, SD Fosså

14:18        02             Tumour negative prostate biopsies prior to later cancer diagnosis and radical prostatectomy

                                C Gade, MM Mortensen, M Borre

14:26        03             Perineal biopsies of the prostate in patients with previous negative biopsies

                                M Dimmen, K Axcrona, B Brennhovd

14:34        04             Extended pelvic lymphadenectomy for prostate cancer: Results and complications

                                C Lindberg, M Annerstedt, S Gudjonsson, R Hilmarsson, O Bratt

14:42        05             Robot-assisted pelvic lymph node dissection in prostate cancer

                                W Soller, T Jiborn, G Ahlgren, P Elfving, A Bjartell

14:50        06             Outcome following open versus robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

                                M Borre


15:00-15:30                Coffee break and poster viewing


15:30        07             Will robotic radical prostatectomy really do better than retropubic radical prostatectomy regarding morbidity?

                                AD Seyer-Hansen, S Skou, M Borre, T Lynnerup, KV Pedersen

15:38        08             Mortality rate after retropubic radical prostatectomy

                                HO Beisland, E Servoll, L Vlatkovic, T Sæter, G Waaler

15:46        09             Tertiary Gleason pattern is a predictor of PSA-relapse after radical prostatectomy

                                E Servoll, L Vlatkovic, T Sæter, G Waaler, HO Beisland

15:54        10             The oncological outcome and preoperative prediction of pT3 prostate cancer patients

                                M Mortensen, B Ulhøi, M Borre

16:02        11             Decreased seeds migration with Mick-applicated Loose 125I-seeds in prostate brachytherapy

                                M Højgaard, AA Jassem, N Nørgaard, K Andersen, KJ Mikines

16:10        12             A phase III study of endocrine treatment with or without radiotherapy in locally advanced or high-risk localized
                                prostate cancer

                                SD Fosså on behalf of participants in SPCG-7/SFUO-3

16:18        13             The CASODEX EPC program – 10 years of follow-up

                                P Iversen, D McLeod, M Wirth, W See, T Morris

16:26        14             Efficacy and safety of degarelix vs. leuprolide in a 12-month, randomised, phase III study

                                P Iversen, TK Olesen, B-E Persson


16:34-16:39                Break - 5 min


16:39-17:35                SESSION II - Free papers 5+3 min

                                Chair: Börje Lungberg, Sweden, and Baldvin Kristjánsson, Iceland


16:39        15             PVP with 120W Greenlight laser in the treatment of patients with BPH on anticoagulants

                                G Piotrowicz, H Zielinski, R Jedynak

16:47        16             Plasma button electrode vaporization of the prostate – short term outcome and complications

                                M Højgaard, L Fahrenkrug, J Schou

16:55        17             Development of UTI after TURP; Indwelling urinary catheters as risk factors

                                M Cek, P Tenke, K Naber, KV Pedersen, TEB Johansen on behalf of the GPIU*-investigators and the board of ESIU

17:03        18             Hypoxia-inducible factor-1amRNA and protein levels in renal cell carcinoma

                                A Lidgren, A Bergh, K Grankvist, G Lindh, B Ljungberg

17:11        19             Is laparoscopic-assisted cryablation for renal cancer safe and nefronsparing?

                                L Lund, M Jønler, LJ Petersen, J Abrahamsen

17:19        20             Early pulmonary metastases in renal cell carcinoma. - Prevalence and operability

                                SJ Oddsson, S Hardarson, V Petursdottir, E Jonsson, H Vidarsdottir, GV Einarsson, T Gudbjartsson

17:27        21             Incidental detection of renal cell carcinoma is an independent prognostic marker – Results of a long term whole

                                population study

                                HB Palsdottir, S Hardarson, V Petursdottir, A Jonsson, E Jonsson, GV Einarsson, T Gudbjartsson




Friday June 12th 2009



Hall A&B

08:30-14:00                State of the art lectures

                                Chair: Eiríkur Jónsson, Iceland


08:30-09:00                Current status of systemic therapy for metastatic renal cell cancer: Georg Bjarnason, Iceland/Canada

09:00-09:30                Reconstructive urology in Lund. - Many successes but some failures: Wiking Månsson, Sweden

09:30-10:00                Radical prostatectomy in 2009 - The emperor‘s new clothes: Cristhopher Eden, UK


10:00-10:30                Coffee break and poster viewing


10:30-12:00                General Assembly


12:00-13:30                Lunch and poster viewing / Astellas lunch symposium


Hall E

12:00-16:00                SPCG-group meeting


Hall A&B

13:30-14:00                Searching for eternal youth:

                                Þorsteinn Gíslason, Iceland



14:00-15:04                SESSION III - Free papers 5+3 min

                                Chair: Ársæll Kristjánsson, Iceland, and Markku Leskinen, Finland


14:00        22             Behaviour-oriented questionnaire on cognitive function among testicular cancer patients

                                J Skoogh, G Steineck, A Wallin, M Gatz, B Johansson

14:08        23             The importance of stone size, location and JJ-stents in relation to ESWL of renal calculi

                                T Nielsen, JB Jensen

14:16        24             Face, content and construct validity of a VR simulation model for training in TURP

                                R Källström, H Hjertberg, J Svanvik

14:24        25             An international survey of laparoscopic training program during residency: simulation versus clinical

                                L Lund, A Dubrowski, DS Herrell, K Kijvikai, H Carnahan

14:32        26             Iatrogenic injuries to the ureter and bladder. - A follow-up of a large series

                                S Göthe, R Peeker

14:40        27             Vibratory ejaculation in 169 spinal cord injured men and home insemination of their partners

                                J Sønksen, D Lîchner-Ernst, N Brackett, D Ohl, C Lynne

14:48        28             Effects of repeated botulinum toxin therapy in neurogenic detrusor overactivity

                                V Karadzic, L Malmberg

14:56        29             The very first voidings in life: Urinary flow pattern in premature boys

                                Olsen L.H., Grothe I., Rawashdeh Y.F. & Jørgensen T.M.


15:04-15:30                Coffee break and poster viewing


15:30-17:04                SESSION IV - Free papers 5+3 min

                                Chair: Alexander Schultz, Norway, and Jukka Sairanen, Finland


15:30        30             Orthotopic bladder substitutes at 12 months: Which is the best?

                                I Paananen, P Ohtonen, I Perttilä, O Jonsson, C Edlund, P Wiklund, B Ljungberg, KM Jensen, E Jonsson, W Månsson

15:38        31             Continent cutaneous urinary diversion with a right colonic reservoir: Long-term follow-up

                                HV Holm, T Talseth, A Schultz

15:46        32             Modified Indiana pouch with umbilical stoma

                                R Hofmann, P Olbert, A Hegele, A Schrader

15:54        33             Urostomy and quality of life in patients with lower urinary tract dysfunction

                                A Schultz, B Boye, O Jonsson, P Thind, W Månsson

16:02        34             Extended lymph node dissection in patients with urothelial carcinoma of the bladder: Can it make a difference?

                                T Davidsson, M Holmer, P-O Bendahl, S Gudjonsson, W Månsson, F Liedberg

16:10        35             Size and volume of metastatic and non-metastatic lymph nodes in radical cystectomy

                                JB Jensen, BP Ulhøi, K M-E Jensen

16:18        36             PUNLMP – How low is “low malignant potential“?

                                T Maigaard, BP Ulhøi, K Zieger

16:26        37             Expression of Maspin and Cathepsin E predict progression in pTa and pT1 bladder cancer

                                N Fristrup, L Dyrskjøt, TF Ørntoft, BP Ulhøi, M Borre

16:34        38             FGFR3 – another Janus-protein?

                                R Røtterud, A Svindland, R Wahlquist

16:42        39             Organ-sparing treatment of upper urinary tract transitional cell carcinoma (UUTTCC)

                                M Brehmer, C Malm

16:50        40             Enterocystoplasty in patients with detrusor over activity - long term follow up

                                OJ Nilsen, Aa Andersen, CM Solend, A Schultz

16:58        41             Urine and kidney cytokine profiles in experimental unilateral hydronephrosis

                                MG Madsen, R Nørregaard, JH Christensen, J Frøkiër, TM Jørgensen


POSTERS will be available for viewing during the congress times


                42             Decisional conflict and distress in Icelandic prostate cancer survivors

                                LA Gunnell, S Ágústsdóttir, J Smári, HB Valdimarsdóttir

                43             Demographic and medical factors are related to distress among prostate cancer survivors

                                SÓ Lárusdóttir, Á Kristinsdóttir, K Jónsdóttir, S Ágústsdóttir, J Smári, HB Valdimarsdóttir

                44             Active surveillance, an alternative treatment option for early prostate cancer:  hort-term results of the

                                Finnish arm of the PRIAS study

                                H Vasarainen, A Rannikko

                45             Anesthesia and prostate biopsy

                                R Zare

                46             Control of prostate cancer by salvage high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment

                                V Berge, E Baco, SJ Karlsen

                47             HIFU treatment as primary treatment of localized prostate cancer

                                V Berge, E Baco, SJ Karlsen

                48             Captopril may reduce PSA-relapse after laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

                                YH Wang, G Frithz, T Lindeborg, G Ronquist G

                49             Bisphosphonate (Zoledronic acid) induced osteonecrosis of the jaw

                                A Haidar, M Jønler, TB Folkmar, L Lund

                50             Renal cell carcinoma diagnosed at autopsy in Iceland 1971-2005

                                A Jonsson, S Hardarson, V Petursdottir, HB Palsdottir, E Jonsson, GV Einarsson, T Gudbjartsson

                51             Pulmonary metastasis due to renal cell carcinoma - How many could benefit from surgery?

                                SJ Oddsson, S Hardarson, V Petursdottir, E Jonsson, GV Einarsson, T Gudbjartsson

                52             Cryoablation of small renal tumors – complications and oncological outcome

                                U Møldrup, J Solvig, TEB Johansen, Ø Østraat

                53             Our experiences in laparoscopic simple and radical nephrectomy

                                S Sozen, B Kupeli, I Ure, S Gurocak, I Bozkirli

                54             Retrograde endopyelotomy in a selected population with ureteropelvic junction obstruction

                                NM Stilling, HU Jung, B N?rby, SS Osther, PJS Osther

                55             A case of robotic retroperitoneoscopic pyeloplasty in a duplex kidney

                                YF Rawashdeh, LH Olsen, TM Jørgensen

                56             Procalcitonine in diagnostics and therapy of acute pyelonephritis

                                P Nencka, R Zachoval, V Vik, V Borovicka, J Granatova

                57             Renal axis: Another anatomical factor leading lower caliceal stone formation

                                U Karaoglan, B Kupeli, C Acar, S Gurocak, I Bozkirli

                58             Stone clearance after shockwave lithotripsy influenced by renal axis of kidney

                                B Kupeli, U Karaoglan, C Acar, S Gurocak, I Bozkirli

                59             Aspects on the relation between diet and upper urinary tract stone disease

                                PJS Osther, SS Osther

                60             Our experience with the continent neo-urachus

                                FE Martins, RN Rodrigues, AF Sandul, TM Lopes

                61             Penile carcinoma: organ sparing surgery using disassembly technique

                                FE Martins, JP Marcelino, AF Sandul, TM Lopes

                62             Martius flap and its island cutaneous variant in urethro-vaginal reconstruction

                                FE Martins, JP Marcelino, AF Sandul, TM Lopes

                63             Single-stage perineal repair of panurethral stricture disease with buccal mucosa grafting

                                FE Martins, JP Marcelino, RN Rodrigues, AF Sandul, TM Lopes

                64             Pelvic floor muscle training with and without functional electrical stimulation as a treatment of SUI

                                H Eyjólfsdóttir, M Ragnarsdóttir, G Geirsson

                65             Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) as prophylactic aid in recurrent bacterial cystitis

                                CU Skagemo, K Almendingen, A Blindheim, PE Låhne, GI Meling

                66             Cannabis-induced priapism

                                J Bergqvist, K Mikines



Saturday June 13th 2009


09:00-10:00                Highlights and take home message - Closure of the meeting




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