Scientific programme - nurses

Scientific programme - nurses

Scientific programme - Nurses



Wednesday, June 10th 2009


NB: The pre courses on Wednesday June 10th are open to all registered participants without any charge.
There are other courses in the doctors programme.




                                 Chair: Hólmfríður Traustadóttir, Iceland

11:00-12:00                 The Nordic Association Nurse Meeting


12:00-13:00                 Lunch



13:00-15:00                 Course in symptom management in advanced prostate cancer           

                                 Chair: Kristín Þorbergsdóttir, Iceland, and Sigríður Zoëga, Iceland

13:00-15:00                 Symptom management in advanced prostate cancer: Pain, fatigue, constipation, oedema, cachexia, psychological effects                                             of hormonal therapy, spinal compression and hypercalcemia

                                 - Valgerður Sigurðardóttir, consultant in palliative care, Iceland

                                 - Svandís Íris Hálfdánardóttir, clinical nurse specialist in palliative care, Iceland

                                 - Kristín Lára Ólafsdóttir, RN, palliative care consulting team at Landspítali University Hospital, Iceland



Thursday, June 11th 2009




08:30-09:00                 Opening of the congress

                                 - Guðjón Haraldsson, President NUF 2009

                                 - Sigurður Guðmundsson, Dean of the School of Health Sciences of the University of Iceland



09:00-10:00                 Complimentary therapies             

                                 Chair: Brynja Ingadóttir, Iceland

09:00-09:30                 Acupuncture in urology in general, and acupuncture in pelvic pain:  Palle Rosted, Norway

09:30-10:00                 Massage and relaxation in patient care:  Þóra Jenný Gunnarsdóttir, Iceland


10:00-10:30                 Coffee break


10:30-12:00                 Sexual and voiding problems

                                 Chair: Brynja Ingadóttir, Iceland

10:30-11:00                 Matters of the heart - Discussing sexuality with patients: Jóna Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir, Iceland

11:00-11:30                 Pelvic floor muscle training with or without electrical stimulation: Halldóra Eyjólfsdóttir, Iceland

11:30-12:00                 Voiding school - a treatment option in the field of urology? Jannike Mohn, Norway

                       01       Longterm follow-up and quality of life among children and adolescents treated at a voiding school modality

                                 J Mohn, A Bakke, B. Hanestad


12:00-13:30                 Lunch / Photocure lunch symposium


13:30-14:45                 Free papers


                                 Chair: Herdís Sveinsdóttir, Iceland, and Katrín Blöndal, Iceland

13:30               02       Multidisciplinary development and planning of a new pain relief treatment for patients in connection with radical            
                                 prostatectomy and continuous development of nursing for this group of patients

                                 T Hareskov Lauridsen, B Lund-Nielsen

13:45               03       Urinary continence after radical prostatectomy ? influence by the surgical method

                                 A-D Seyer-Hansen, GM Hvistendahl, C Graugaard-Jensen, KV Pedersen, S Skou

14:00               04       The influence of intrusive thoughts and social constraints in maintaining quality of life after prostate cancer diagnosis

                                 ThK Thorsteinsdóttir, J Stranne, S Ágústsdóttir, H Valdimarsdóttir, G Steineck

14:15               05       Carbohydrate drink vs. fasting after prostatectomy and nephrectomy

                                 B-I Dahlin, B Ljungberg

14:30               06       How well can outflow obstruction and bladder overactivity be predicted by a clinical evaluation in men with LUTS

                                 M Fehrling


14:45-15:10                 Coffee break


15:10-17:05      Poster presentation             


15:10                                Chair: Herdís Sveinsdóttir, Iceland, and Katrín Blöndal, Iceland

                       07              Follow up and new nursing initiatives towards patients with continence problems as a result

                                        of radical removal of the prostate

                                          S Soenderby, H Bro

15:15               08              Pelvic floor rehabilitation treatment for post-prostatectomy incontinence

                                        B Pedersen, H Bech Jørgensen, B Schantz Laursen

15:20               09              Nurse-supported telephone calls to men after Robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy surgery

                                        A Hägglund, J Svens

15:25               10              Nurses Outpatient Clinic for Men with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

                                        Patient acceptance and satisfaction

                                        B Bonfils-Rasmussen, G Smidt, B Vendelbo, A Ladegaard Persson, P Klarskov

16:30               11              Music during surgery in spinal anesthesia

                                        A Gísladóttir, S Gunnarsdóttir

16:35               12              Avoiding complications in percutaneous nephrolithotomy. ? A multidisciplinary team approach

                                        I Bendixen, L Rytter, SS Osther, PJS Osther

16:40                                Poster viewing



Friday June 12th 2009



08:30-10:00                 Evidence based practice

                                 Chair: Þorsteinn Jónsson, Iceland

08:30-09:00                 Evidence based practice: Do nurses have what it takes?: Hrund Sch Thorsteinsson, Iceland

09:00-09:30                 Development and implementation of clinical practice guidelines on distress management in cancer care:

                                 Sigríður Gunnarsdóttir, Iceland

09:30-10:00                 Where to find EB information: Major sources and which ones to use to answer different kinds of clinical questions: 

                                 Elín Björg Héðinsdóttir, Iceland


10:00-10:30                 Coffee break and poster viewing


10:30-12:00                 Symptoms and quality of life

                                 Chair: Þorsteinn Jónsson, Iceland

10:30-11:00                 Experiences of patients having elective urological surgery at Landsp°tali University Hospital: During hospital stay and at
                                 home six weeks post-discharge:
 Herdís Sveinsdóttir, Iceland

11:00-11:30                 Quality of Life of Patients with Prostate Cancer: Sigríður Gunnarsdóttir, Iceland

11:30-12:00                 Decisional conflict among prostate cancer survivors in Iceland: Sjöfn Ágústdóttir, Iceland


12:00-13:30                 Lunch / Astellas lunch symposium



13:30-14:00                 Searching for eternal youth: Þorsteinn Gíslason, Iceland



14:00-14:45                 Closing session of the nurses program

                                 Chair: Sigríður Zoëga, Iceland, and Kristín Þorbergsdóttir, Iceland

14:00-14:30                 Is nursing leadership important for healthcare?: Lilja Stefánsdóttir, Iceland

14:00-14:45                 Introduction to NUF in Finland 2011


POSTERS will be available for viewing during the congress times in halls H & I



Saturday June 13th 2009


09:00-10:00                 Highlights and take home message - Closure of the meeting



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